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Martin Roofing Services understands what a tremendous undertaking it can be to build or replace a roof. Our durable concrete roof tiles and Roof System Components enhance and protect your home in ways no other roofing material can match. What's more, you'll continue to see savings from our concrete tile roof through reduced cooling costs, potentially higher resale value and possible reduced homeowner's insurance premiums.

With offices in Florida, South Carolina and  North Carolina we have the experienced team that can handle any kind of roofing project including slate, tile, wood shakes, skylights, custom copper, and stand & seam metal roofing installations to fit the need and look your project requires. Experienced consulting services for homeowners, property management & universities are also available.

Call us at 1-800-421-4170 for a FREE ROOFING TILE ESTIMATE or email us. You can also use our convenient online request form to inquire about our metal roofing services or to request a contact.

Martin Roofing Services, Inc should be at the top of your list for professional roofing service and installation. Our roofs come in many styles and colors and they are guaranteed to:

Improve your home's appearance with a wide selection of roof colors, Increase the level of protection and value for your home, and Provide you with energy savings throughout the long life of the roof.