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Metal Roofing Snow North Carolina

There is no material more capable of protecting a structure from snow, wind, rain, hail, fire, or rot than a durable and energy-efficient metal roof. The initial cost to install may seem high, but a standing-seam metal roof is the least costly roof option over the life of the roof because it is virtually maintenance-free and can last 50 years or more!

Standing-seam metal roofs are installed as panels that are pre-formed or formed on site. They are attached from underneath with clips that allow the metal to expand and contract with heating and cooling cycles.

A lot of people have asked us specifically about snow and metal roofs. While metal roofs offer GREAT insulation and durability - you are more likely to see snow sliding off of a metal roof as the snow melts or temps warm up.  There are some GREAT products that we offer that can be installed on metal roofs that assist in preventing this from happening.


Standing Seams

A standing-seam metal roof consists of metal panels running vertically on the roof deck. Each panel has two seams that stand up vertically and are crimped together to seal the joint and keep the elements from penetrating. A standing seam also keeps water from collecting on the surface, causing leakage.

A metal roof is durable, standing guard over the top of the house. William Hippard, president of the Metal Roofing Alliance, in Seattle, Washington, says the building trades have taken a shine to metal roofing because of its attributes. “Without a doubt, metal roofs are cheaper in the long run,” Hippard says. “Many metal roofs will easily outlast any warranties that the company provides.” Warranties up to 50 years are not uncommon, but it’s not unusual to find metal roofing that has been in use successfully for 100 years.

Information and text provided by Metal Roofing Alliance

Beauty and Durability

Metal roofs once got a bad rap for their bright shiny colors and metallic look, but finishes are now much more compatible with home exteriors. Metal roofs have lost their “barnyard” image and now sport a host of colors, matte finishes, and profiles. Virtually any color is available, the metal can be finished to remove that “high gloss” metallic look, and the end product can be formed to resemble any roof product from tile to asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. Distressed-look metal roofs have an irregular pattern so that heavy hail storms won’t affect the surface appearance of the roof.

Green Roofing!!!

Metal roofs are also energy efficient. A metal roof can reflect the sun’s energy and block heat transmission from the roof to building members and living space. Paint manufacturers have also come up with good reflective properties for the coatings so you can reduce your cooling bills in the summer by as much as 25 percent.

As of January 2006, homeowners installing a metal roof can claim 10 percent of the total cost—up to $500—in deductions for energy efficiency improvements. Properly ventilating the roof is vitally important to its efficiency and lifespan.

Metal roofs are lighter than asphalt shingles so it’s possible to add a new metal roof over an existing asphalt surface. If there is only a single layer of asphalt shingles on an existing roof, a standing-seam metal roof can often be applied over it without the need for a tear-off.

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Martin Roofing Services uses only the best architectural sheet metal from these industry-leading manufactures:
  • MBCI
  • McMelory
  • Berridge
  • Peterson
  • ATAS
  • Imetco
  • Garland
  • Morin
  • Firestone
  • Fabral
  • Dimensional Metals
  • Metal Sales

Metal Roofing Is A Smart Investment for your Home as there are so many benefits in addition to being a good design option for your home or office building.

Our knowledgeable salespeople can discuss with you why metal roofing and our metal roofing manufacturers - is such a smart choice for your home.

Benefits include:

$1500 Tax Credit Through 2010
Energy Savings
Corrosion Resistance
Fire Resistance
Metal Roof Colors to Complement and Enhance Your Home or Office
Low Maintenance
Long Life Expectancy
Fade and Rust Resistant Finishes
Limited Lifetime Warranty
30 Day Best Price Guarantee

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