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A roof can account for as much as 40% of the average home's exterior and many factors weigh into the choice of materials. Some surfaces are more beautiful than others. Some offer greater endurance. Some are more affordable. But the one roofing surface which offers all those attributes in balance is the asphalt shingle.

Read the sections below to learn the differences between shingle styles and follow the links within each section for complete details of construction, colors, warranties and for product brochures. You can also review other products like metal roofing and flat roof systems for commercial and residential roofing applications.

Architectural Shingle Systems

Architectural shingles are the most cost effective roofing products for any home. They are very versatile and fit any style of housing, from mobile homes to 10,000 sf mansions, architectural shingles will fit your budget, add value to your home and will definitely give noticeable curb appeal. Learn more about Architectural Shingles and contact us through our Request a Free Estimate form to schedule an appointment.

Designer Shingle Systems

At the top end of the spectrum, are the designer shingles. Unlike 3 tab and standard architectural, they can weigh as much as 425 lbs per square! Compare that to a 3 tab at less than 180 lbs per square, and you'll quickly see why the designer systems have built a reputation for durability, along with their unique look. Take a look at some of the different designer styles in our Designer Shingles info center.

Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are one of the most durable and weather resistant roofing materials on the market today and have the highest UL ratings for fire, wind, and impact resistance. In most areas, metal roofs can be expected to last three or more times longer than a comparable asphalt shingle roof. In areas with extreme heat, wind, humidity, or temperature extremes, this advantage can be even greater. Request a Free Estimate or follow the links to our Metal Roofing Info Center for more information on the benefits of metal roof panels.

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Martin Roofing Services, Inc is a North Carolina based commercial and residential roofing contractor with additional offices in South Carolina and Florida. In our 30 years we have handled hundreds of repairs and roofing installations in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We've provided area homeowners and businesses with professional and reliable roofing services for over three decades. We are committed to offering the best quality, service and price for our customerís roofing needs. Whether the need is for a small repair, major replacement or new installation, every customer is important to us and we strive to exceed our customerís expectations on every project.

Martin Roofing Services, Incorporated was founded in 1980 by Bob Martin as a family owned, general roofing company. With a strong work ethic and a dedication to provide customers with utmost in quality and service, Martin Roofing Services quickly developed into a leading commercial roofing contractor.

The guiding principles that changed Martin Roofing Services from a small, family owned business to a major player in the commercial roofing industry in the southeast are what we practice today.

By remaining family owned, we have not lost sight of what is most important; you, our customer, and providing roofing solutions to fit your needs.

Members on our team of experts are well versed in all types of roofing system solutions, maintenance programs and excellence in customer relations.

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